Effective Immediately
CRT Televisions and CRT Computer Monitors Fee: $10.00
All other items are accepted free.

Alternative locations for CRTs:
Best Buy in Martinsburg will accept CRTs 32 inches and smaller
from individuals for $25.
Click for more information.

Apple Valley Waste will accept CRTs as a bulky item with regular service, call prior to pick up. 304-724-1834

What’s a CRT?

Cathode Ray Tubes have been used for televisions since the beginning and computer monitors more recently. A CRT monitor can typically be identified by its large size and weight, inch for inch CRTs are much heaver than a similar size flat panel monitor. In addition, a CRT monitor is much deeper as a result of the glass tube the technology that makes the whole thing work. While CRT monitors have many benefits a major concern for disposal is the concentration of lead in the tube glass, that when broken can leach into the environment.

CRT Recycling

On January 1, 2011 the West Virginia E- Waste Disposal Ban took effect, from that point forward, televisions, computers or video display devices with a screen that is greater than four inches measured diagonally were restricted from state landfills. The ban has been successful throughout the state and over the past three years the Jefferson County SWA Electronics Recycling Program has collected 335 tons of electronic material, including CRTs. The lead glass in CRT monitors has always been a challenge for recyclers and the weight and size of CRTs can create a number of logistical hurdles. In addition, a limited number of CRT processors and a low value of the end product make CRTs less attractive to recycling markets.

Why a Fee?

The $10.00 fee is used to offset the processing costs related to CRTs. The amount is based on the fee charged to the Jefferson County SWA by our current electronics recycling vendor. We periodically evaluate our vendors and work with State and Federal Grants to ensure electronic recycling is available at little or no cost.

Electronic Recycling Data

The graph and chart below have detailed tonnage and Cost information about the Jefferson County Electronic Recycling Program. Click on either yo view the PDF.

JPGElectronic Recycling Data copy JPG CRT Data Sheet copy

For More information about the West Virginia E-Waste Program please visit: http://www.state.wv.us/swmb/EWaste/Index.html